Urban Style Chairs

comfortable spaceLiving room  we have divided into two parts: bedroom and Urban Style Chairs. The first is separated by transparent sliding doors that allow both to expand and to isolate the space of the room. In the rest of the fit small long living room and an entire wall of closets. We moved the doorway to the living room, leaving him without the door, and almost completely dismantled the partition between the hallway and kitchen. Thus, the two public spaces become a single space. By combining the bathroom and bathroom, we won the place for the pantry, with the resulting bathroom has enough space even for two sinks.

The pros plan: spacious public area; isolated master bedroom with convertible wall; a separate storage room and plenty of closet space; large entrance hall and kitchen.

Lack of Windows in the living room

Cons: lack of Windows in the living room, the small size of the bedrooms. Objectives: to create a comfortable space for the couple and a small child; to build a place for the kids; to think and to design a spacious hallway and bathroom.
Solution: move the doorway to the bedroom, we have allocated a separate secluded area for a cot and things. This space can be separated by a curtain. Next fit a small storage room for household supplies. In the sleeping area we have tried to leave plenty of space for games and recreation with the child, without cluttering his cupboards and other furniture. We redesigned and combined bathroom so that reduced the square fit bath, toilet and wash basin with drawers, and in a special niche stood a large washing machine. In the separate kitchen provides cooking area
Urban Style Chairs.
The pros plan: functional bathroom; a comfortable bedroom with kids ‘ area and a place to play; separate utility room; a spacious kitchen and entrance hall.

Cons: lack of roomy walk-in closet; the layout suits a family with a child under a certain age.

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