Special Ideas For Small Rooms

Special Ideas For Small RoomsIn the center of Moscow architects-hooligans folded of the many things brought from Paris and new York, very original interior. The Bureau Crosby Studios admit that anyone or anything quote not wanted. On the contrary, sought to create a space in which you can afford unassuming, but extremely rare today the luxury Special Ideas For Small Rooms to be myself.

Originally this apartment was architect Harry Nureyev did for myself, now it is home to the Director of the Bureau with his girlfriend. The main task was for one month to create an interior, which will be all ready for life, and every thing will find its place. The budget was strictly fixed, for his frame was not intended to go.

In the project it was important to avoid ready-made solutions, not to associate with Euro renovation, the apartment is in a French or Brooklyn style.

So we went from objects, from the fact that in a small apartment with a minimal amount of furniture and design immediately catches the eye. It is the small details – door handles, light switches, faucets. All these elements had to be non-trivial, self-worth and to approach each other and intuitively found at that time, the outline of the interior.
Partially remodeling took place. In the office, right at the entrance, on the right side, used to be a kitchen combined with a hall and corridor. After our intervention, the space of the former kitchen was isolated, completely given over to the office – the area we increased by moving the wall of bedroom by 50 centimeters.
The kitchen itself has moved into the

niche of a large room

– previously it was the darkest place in the apartment, and it was fit only for dressing. At the same time in the hallway managed to organize the pantry and wardrobe for casual wear (we very, very love, when things in the hallway hanging openly on hooks).

All walls and ceilings are painted with quality acrylic paint in white, and the floors (it’s an old, but strong and smooth parquet flooring) is a special gray paint. In the bathroom the old tiles on the walls and floor repainted. One wall in the hallway fully tiled oriented boards and covered with a thick layer of protective transparent varnish.

In the kitchen we began to make bulky upper cabinets – instead there hung a long shelf on which to store all your glasses. Plates and pans, as well as cereals, cereal etc are in the lower cabinets all had a fit, and one need not look far to reach. Under the table top is built in a small fridge. Opposite the sofa is situated a long dresser, in which the hidden documents, photographs and books.

The bedroom is equipped with walk-in closet, the den features ample closet space. The lavatory is a display Cabinet that stores magazines, books and other entertaining trash that does not fit in the Special Ideas For Small Rooms.

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