Smart Decorating Ideas for Kids Room

Smart Decorating Ideas for Kids RoomSkateboards, bicycles, roller skates, scooters, snowboards and even balls and Golf clubs – all these sports equipment take up much space and, moreover, require special conditions for keeping in order with smart decorating ideas for kids room. If you exercise, are you familiar with this problem. Fortunately, there are actually many simple and effective ways to store sports equipment in the apartment. About the most creative solutions and we’ll tell you today.
To use a blank wall in the hallway, bathroom or on the balcony you will be special suspended support, brackets, hooks that you can attach to both wall and ceiling, and shelves based on how often you use the bike, and its weight, you will be able to choose for themselves.


modern and practical way for kids room

– not just to keep the bike in the apartment, but turn it into an exercise bike! This will help compact floor stand under the wheel – the trainer (it is often called the trainers).

Large shells for sport, such as surfboards can be hung from the ceiling (for example, on the balcony or in the corridor) with the help of wires or hooks, as well as to establish a system of pulleys to facilitate access to them.
Another option is to turn the Board into an art object. Hang it above the couch or workplace as a picture and let everyone know that you know better than anyone what it means to be on a good wave!

Act with them as with a surfboard – instead leave the shell in the corner of a small hall or room, attach to the wall with special hooks, thereby arranging for snowboarding an optimal place for storage.

You can buy a special shelf for storage of skateboards and scooters or to make a convenient shelf with your hands: thanks to the special cut, the normal regiment will be transformed into the perfect Parking.

Flat winter shells store in a tightly closed room, for example, the back of the closet. Can be used smart decorating ideas for kids room purposes and filing Cabinet without transverse shelves. Don’t forget to wash the skis with liquid soap and dry them before removing the warm period.

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