Renewing Ideas For Old Kitchens

Renewing Ideas For Old KitchensWe will talk about the most widespread version of the remodeling of the renewing ideas for old kitchens. If you combine a Old Kitchens, while to “grab” from the hallway a dozen or so centimeters, then the resulting space will be a place for high shelving, and chest with towels. And most importantly, for a whole Laundry – includes washing machine and dryer, and a shelf for the powders with air conditioning.

Owners of small apartments before making such a seductive solution does not stop even the morning queue to the toilet. The most important condition for combining is, of course, a redevelopment agreement. And to understand what it will be, and what should definitely provide – read our recommendations.

If you want to

best decoration for old kitchens

definitely follow a waterproofing sub-floor. The easiest and fastest option is with the use of coating materials.

If possible leave in the redevelopment in place of the vents and ducts. To change General system in apartment buildings is impossible, and deprive the Old Kitchens ventilation careless dismantling of partitions easier. If the Old Kitchens poorly ventilated, think about the installation of forced ventilation systems.

Try not to carry when the alteration of the discharge point of water from baths, sinks and toilets. If you still have to change their location, take care of proper drainage to the “wet” points: be sure to follow the diameter of the connecting pipes and the correct slope of the drain.

Usually always have to move the strut of hot water with towel rail – usually in model homes it is located along the partition between the Old Kitchens, and after its demolition is in the middle of the Old Kitchens. Charge professional to do job – the pipe is quite possible to move closer to the far wall or even “sew” into the wall.

If you decide to supply a renewing ideas for old kitchens with a heated floor, do not lay the cable across the surface – be sure to leave free space where there will be appliances or furniture. Be sure to position the thermostat so that easy to reach. Take care also of free access to the water meter.

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