Mid-century modern style fabrics

Colored FloorsThe customer of the mid-century modern style fabrics is the psychiatrist of the highest category, It is a true citizen, which has long wanted to buy a small country cottage near Germany. Here she could have every weekend to enjoy nature and entertain guests relatives and friends.

House-dream was found in one and a half hour drive from the capital: old wooden building beam of 70 square meters liked her from the first sight, but the interior of the building required a major upgrade.

To put in order the old cottage, the hostess came to us and said the main task was to make the layout more functional and to create a light interior to life. Because the closest thing ordered was the French style of Provence, we took as a basis.

First of all, we dismantled the old staircase and replaced it with a new lightweight construction and more convenient in operation. Other works on the ground floor was not provided – we only slightly adjusted the layout: the small sizes of the kitchen are linearly placed the kitchen cabinets and put a round dining table because it can comfortably accommodate several people.

As to the second floor, we managed to organize a room-an office: “cutting off” from the existing two rooms on the trapezoidal fragment, we combined them in a separate space. Work on the redevelopment was not difficult: we have established a single metal frame and then from two parties sheathed it with a couple of layers of drywall.

Glossy amber colored floors

The project was done under the banner of common sense. In a given style fitted in with the existing interior, so we were limited to repainting the walls in white Matt color, which has created a winning contrast with a glossy amber colored floors.

We also updated the trim pad in front of the chimney stove: ceramic tile with an original ornament has been accented in the interior.
On the ground floor we have created a storage for your seasonal clothes under the stairs. In the kitchen for utensils and appliances, a convenient kitchen set from IKEA.

At the second level, the mid-century modern style fabrics, the bevels of the roof there was already built – we just upgraded the filling.

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