Mid-century modern furniture

dark woodThe landlord is a bachelor, engaged in photography and has long been dreaming of a mid-century modern furniture. He wanted to build a functional space not only for life but also for meetings with friends and family.

“It was important to preserve the layout of the Studio and properly zoned space to place in the room not just the kitchen and living room, and dining area, – says the designer. – Also, the customer requested to increase the size of the balcony to use it for storage of photographic equipment”.

Initially the apartment was open plan. And though Constantine invited the owner to make a separate bedroom with an area of 2 square meters, the concept of Studio apartments liked the client a lot more internal partitions to build was not necessary.

The only changes concerned the balcony just as the owner, the area increased twice (from 2.2 per square meter up to 4.4), and a balcony sheathed insulation – so there is an additional storage area.

Creates a sense of integrity of space

The entire floor of the apartment except the hallway and bathroom and parquet boards in dark wood. A single coating bringing together all areas and creates a sense of integrity of space. In the hallway used the tile 60×60 format is a practical solution.

The walls in the apartment painted, and the effect of wear in the hallway and living room done in paint “Metal harmony”. Partly the walls in the apartment are lined with sheets of veneer particle Board – a noble shade of dark wood immediately gives the room a solid appearance.

Kitchen facade is decorated with glossy MDF, and the apron is made of raw metal rough black paint – what you need for the apartment of a young man”, – says Konstantin.

As for the bathroom, played on the contrast: the lining of white tiles combined with black graphite slate – the joint decision of the designer and the customer.

One of the major tasks of the project mid-century modern furniture is to plan for compact storage. The kitchen appeared overhead cabinets, where to place utensils, and roomy bottom modules – here is hidden appliances. In the boxes next to the cooking surface convenient to store Cutlery and household stuff.

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