Interior Design Rustic Beach House

interior designThe Interior Design Rustic Beach House is a pretty rare phenomenon in the Russian residential apartments and houses: most people want to live in the Western manner. However, a charming mix of different cultural traditions of the Moroccan style is familiar to many. Moreover, this style is great for decoration even model small size apartment. And it is not necessary to recreate the Eastern tale, or to try to set up your home as North African, Moroccan style allows the internationalism and eclecticism the availability of everyday items in the interior are welcome.

The Moroccan style is not afraid of interpretations and even loves improvisation, so in the decoration of the room truly the invention of the Moroccan can be replaced by something similar (sometimes even used Venetian). The main thing is to get through to the glossy wall, reminiscent of natural stone in the incision, preferably marble or emerald. Moroccan style never knew, but now, if they mimic mosaic or decorative tiles, their use is quite acceptable.

In Moroccan homes was made to do various niches

They were not distinguished neither by color nor the finish. But the ceiling was given great importance; it could simply be painted in blue (the Association with the sky) or finished in wood with ornate carvings.

Depending on the purpose and prosperity of the Moroccan style home was divided into simplified, which assumed a completely white walls and minimal decoration, and a more sophisticated and exquisite, it is now more recognizable. This stage is replete with the color, it often terracotta, pink-red, purple shades, as well as style and technique.
Largely Moroccan interiors are formed through the openings and arches they make the space look like a mysterious fairy Palace. Especially characteristic doorways in the shape of an inverted horseshoe and pointed domes, and ogival arches and semicircular arches.

If the stylized Moroccan style does not involve such complex design solutions, you may wish to imitation arch or doorway in a wall niche by using an appropriate form. Or the tent inside the room, creating a symmetrical openings with hangings of textile.

Such a simple and mundane thing, as the opening acquires in a Moroccan style sacred meaning, Recalling the portals of the Muslim mosque, especially if the opening is painted in stripes, mimicking the color brick. The same Interior Design Rustic Beach House, originating from East of the temple are performed without a base Foundation, as if growing from the earth, hold the arches and fill the room with spiritual meaning.

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