Decorating furnitures in modern style

Modern Style FurnituresIf you can not change the linear layout, it is better to swap the stove and the refrigerator. However, in this case, it is most often in the middle of walls and partitions off the decorating furnitures in modern style at least visually. A more complex option that requires all sorts of approvals to move the sink to the center of the line work.

It is much easier to organize the working area in the kitchen for the rule of the triangle: stove, refrigerator and sink should be located in the three vertices of an equilateral triangle at a distance of two outstretched arms. Roughly speaking, a refrigerator is easier to place in front of the sink and stove standing at one wall some distance away.

The working area should be separated from the dining minimum space for the free passage is 60-70 centimeters, but in this case it is better to push the table and chairs 90-100 cm, for convenience and clearer zoning.

Furniture design for large kitchens

Countertop for working area can be more narrow than a standard kitchen set. In it and under it can similarly embed any functionality and technology. There are compact washers, narrow washing machine and small hob. And the depth of floor cabinets to choose from when buying, or to reduce himself.

Storage capacity extend vertically, by using cabinets and shelving to the ceiling. Narrower countertops build a kitchen l-shaped or U-shaped way even in the smallest room. And save a lot of storage space for any dining group.

Plate in photos and renderings of the kitchens are often surrounded by a narrow insertion section of the drawers or shelves separate “home” from the wall or fridge and other cabinets, thus protecting the space around the plate from the hot spray, and the mistress – from the incessant cleaning. In these incremental volumes around the plate to conveniently store cookware, bake ware, Cutlery – in short, everything that is used in the kitchen every day.

Kitchen sets not in vain go out of fashion, they really “eat” too much space. But do not hurry to put in the kitchen shelves in the wall. Ideal for spaces underneath the work top – shallow floor modules with drawers instead of shelves.

Crates save space at least when they are closed. And faster to navigate when searching for the right things. Use the dividers to more accurately organize decorating furnitures in modern style .

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