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BathroomThe most interesting American Country Style Homes solutions always suggest the smallest space. And inconvenient layout can awaken creative abilities. Altering the bathroom in the Khrushchev, our heroine has shown true design talent. And found some unexpected solutions that would gladly take note of and professionals!

I made repairs in the apartment in which they live together or rather, three with the cat. I must say that this apartment is renovated in the brick house, common 511 series. That is our kopeck piece was originally very small, but we managed to do it in her bedroom with dressing room and a large kitchen-living room. So for a bathroom renovation inspired by a General repair – and the desire to make the bathroom functional the same as others.
I dreamed of a bathroom with window. And that got a washing machine. However, at the time of bathroom renovation husband has forbidden me to think about it – we had a car at 60 cm depth, in any layout in the bathroom she did not get up in any way. In short, the repair was inspired by the continuous dreams.

About bathroom without tiles

The tasks were primarily focused on storage. Since the apartment is tiny, to keep all kinds of jars (and shopping money too!) it was only in the bathroom.

The need was easy to install all the plumbing. This apartment was originally a bath, plus sink, a Tulip and a toilet. Above the sink was hanging locker. And was just incredible tightness – even the white tiles are not saved. Went and ducked. Therefore, it was decided to put a shower cubicle.

First we held the fitting at a scale painted on the floor in the room our future arrangement.
Redevelopment, as such, was not… was a global restructuring. We had to disassemble and re-erect the wall with a window between the bathroom and the kitchen, as she was well, quite direct. The angle was about 75 degrees. At the same time I decided to redo the window – or rather, to make two Windows. Whereby the natural light now penetrates into the corridor.

Also, we’ve removed the doorway. Before the door was in the left part of the wall, was now in the middle. On either side of her managed to place storage systems. And to realize another dream – in addition to the standard desire to “bathroom window”. American Country Style Homes corner moved to the left of the door you built the machine! I didn’t even know that washing machines can be so narrow – we found a depth of only 37 cm.

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