American Country Style Decor

classic panelsFirst of all, we appreciated the variety and interchangeability of elements: frames, fronts, drawers, and various internal elements of the system American Country Style Decor can be combined as you wish, This opportunity certainly will appeal to designers especially those who are enthusiastically working with small spaces.

Kitchens plus second method is the system size. Cabinet models have different depth, width, height, from which you can gather the base for your own headset (any number of modules in any configuration). The modules are encouraged to choose the appropriate size and different style facades and decorative panels in any style – be it classic panels and flute, a minimalist glossy surface or the harsh metal of your choice. And facades do not need to use the frames of kitchen cabinets can be left unfinished, open. Modules can be positioned one above the other, organizing ergonomic vertical storage.

Modular kitchens

We also liked the portability of modular kitchens: kitchen set stand and under the roof, under the stairs, and spot fill the corners. Apparently, this fact is appreciated by the tenants of rented apartments: temporary housing – not a reason to leave his beloved kitchen that can fit anywhere.

And yet, it seems that the kitchen may well method to live not one life. To transform a kitchen, even if not to touch and not move modules. Updating sinks, faucets, decorative panels, moldings, wall accessories, handles, changing appliances, you will be able to vary the functionality and appearance of the food.
On weekdays it will be possible:

From 11:00 to 14:00 to see the new kitchen solutions IKEA, relax, enjoy a coffee in Swedish, and chat with friends; at 14:00 and 16:00 to visit cooking classes to learn recipes for Scandinavian dishes.
Busy during the week? Come on the weekend to…

From 12:00 to entertain the children at the master classes;
from 16:00 to listen to public lectures and to meet with the latest trends in design and furnishing of your kitchen and Nordic food trends in the world, and discover helpful “kitchen secrets”.

Also a nice bonus from IKEA for all: one of the rooms can be booked for a family celebration, parties or a romantic dinner. American Country Style Decor, including lectures and workshops, please visit the website from 4 April.

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