2016 Small Home Interior Design

2016 Small Home Interior Design2016 Small home interior design using options in a small area with bunk beds in children’s rooms in the house is important. One child in the bunk house option provides extra space. How Does? Options that work by increasing the bed is positioned under the bed is ideal for children’s bedrooms and play areas. Furthermore, accessible by stairs extremely enjoyable option for a bed children. The opt back in the area from floor to ceiling with a wardrobe closet so your child’s summer and winter clothes; of the room duvet, blanket, textile equipment in the layout as you can handle quilt; You may have a big storage space where you can put objects that look like toys and excess. Parents used to be that high bed cupboard under the bed in the bedroom may be preferred. Of course, here the preferred choice as a bunk bed will be raised. The other side where a side cover is designed with an average of 1.00 meters in height 80 cm shelves or drawers design may be preferred. Cover cabinets quilts, blankets, storing bulky items like extra pillows. The drawer space all linens, towels, remove the pike, and similar items.

Evaluate Dead Areas

With the introduction of our house curtain rails in plasterboard applications he went into hiding under this application. Do not worry if you do not have drywall in your home. Wooden shelves to hide curtain rails, a small area is an ideal area for homes. Your books, CDs or DVDs, figurines, photo frames and just about everything you desire in your imagination limits you can evaluate in this area. Tasarlat can be private or draperies can buy ready this functional structure of the market; jar in the kitchen; children’s rooms toys; youth room in their books; hall and living room in functionality to handle the many items up to DVD trinket. The door should not forget the top: the top of the door as the area is located in the dead space evaluations. A row of shelves on which to place the upper section of the door, you are not seasonal hat box of shoes (of course with the condition stored in the box) or a place for you to place boxes keep your personal belongings 2016 Small Home Interior Design.

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