Victorian furniture styles

dining roomTo combat tightness, all good. To place in the living room, dining room, victorian furniture styles and a study, while maintaining an area for entertaining and relaxing, this is the same as make secular reception in the student dining room while maintaining composure and dignity. But, as they say, in war as in war, everything is possible and even more, just need to think carefully about tactics and to choose the right direction.

That living room looked elegant and was decorated with taste, it is important to determine the overall style. In this case, eclectic is not the best choice: a mix of styles and colors will create a fuss.

To start, select color: monochrome simple matte shade that harmonizes with your inner idea of the perfect living room, where it would be a pleasure to work with, meet guests and to have dinner with the whole family. Now dilute it by half with white paint – and your tone is ready.

Starting from color, select a style

White goes Scandinavian minimalism and contemporary. Gray and blue – a traditional classic. Warm beige colours are impressed by the colonial style. But the French Provence and romanticism are inclined to pastel shades of pink and purple.

Make sure to match the walls have been decorated doors, skirting boards, textiles. Walls and large furniture is the background for a future film adaptation.

Wires, outlets, switches – these are fighters of invisible front. Once you’ll know exactly where you will put the sofa, work and dining table, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the issue of wiring of electro-communications. Everything, including Internet connections, must be thought through: the number and height of outlets, location of switches…

If you are preparing for a renovation, this is a great opportunity to clean up the wires in the victorian furniture styles. If opportunities stroebe wall is gone, hide the wires and cords in a decorative box, pull it under the baseboard, paint the wall color. Just make sure, no inappropriate transactions are never rolled and not peeking, even if timidly, from behind the sofa.

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