Very effective way of scenting bed linen

Very effective way of scenting bed linenCrisp white linen is not only in advertising. Let items soak in hot water with washing powder, the crushed dishwasher tablets and bleach. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result of washing in the mix of detergents. Instead of fabric softener with unnatural odor use a simple and very effective way of scenting bed linen: add lemon juice in the washing powder in the wash and very effective way of scenting bed linen. It will give your garment the extra freshness.

Colored things lost their brightness? To get them juicy shades, add a Cup of salt when washing. Make no mistake: on a busy street you will have seen from afar.

But to keep a rich black color will help brewed coffee or strong tea. Add the cooled drink in the rinse cycle. Caffeine will return clothing deep black color and will give you a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Soiled white shirt? Forget about stain remover: treat the stain with vinegar and baking soda, then wash the shirt in the washing machine. Now I can safely wear it in a restaurant or on a picnic – after all, no spots, you no longer scary.

Coats, jackets and comforters wash, along with three tennis balls. They will not allow fluff to be rolled, and when rinsing will clear things from the remnants of detergent.

Wash clothing better at 30°C. After washing in this mode goes more careful and accurate in relation to things, thus prolonging their life. In addition, at low temperatures, tissues do not shed, which means you will be immune to surprises with painted things.

Your washing machine also needs to be cleaned

. Several times a year, run one cycle with hot water mixed with white vinegar. Will be good as new! Get ready for the January snow and make shoes waterproof. To do this, carefully brush it along the joints with castor oil. You can buy it at the hardware store or pharmacy.

And to traces of water and snow does not stain the hall, fill the cover from under the Shoe box with very effective way of scenting bed linen little stones and use it as a rack for shoes during inclement weather. The stones can be found in the woods or bring their villas.

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