Urban Interior Design Ideas

comfortable storage areaWe try to create projects simultaneously with the planning of their implementation, therefore, at the stage of development of the design project possible difficulties were addressed and resolved. As for the construction, Urban Interior Design Ideas can be called the stage of heating without radiators using warm floor. Organized supply and exhaust ventilation system in each room individual temperature controller and humidity.

Radical redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments of 38 square meters in the panel house series KOPE impossible internal wall and partitions are structural, which means that no dismantling can not be and speeches. However, there are several options of how to correct the existing conditions to suit the needs of the residents. The details with readers shared designer.

Recall that any redevelopment is necessary to legitimize and agree on before starting repair. Objectives: to create a comfortable space for one person; to provide for a closed storage area, spacious living room and dining room for entertaining guests.

Combine living room and kitchen

Solution: to combine living room and kitchen we moved and left an empty hole in between two of the room the bearing wall (in most cases this is acceptable). Reducing the bathroom, we got the square footage for the organization’s pantry. In the bathroom put everything you need, including a washing machine. In the kitchen we installed a long bar counter for 3-4 people and has equipped the cooking area. The living room was divided into zones of a bedroom and living room. Under the bed there are drawers for storage. So, we’ve got the most spacious relaxation area and a large, connected kitchen.

The pros plan: spacious common areas; comfortable storage area, bathroom, free cabinets; Studio space with a large bed and comfortable living area; large kitchen.

Cons: lack of separate bedrooms, a small bathroom. Objectives: to create a comfortable space for two people; to provide a separate Urban Interior Design Ideas area; to plan an isolated storage area and spacious bathroom; to provide space for receiving guests.

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