Smart decorating ideas for kids room

Smart decorating ideas for kids roomCan I change the space is smart decorating ideas for kids room and cramped kids room, not having to repair? We will give some tips for those who are not yet ready for redevelopment and the demolition of walls, but full of energy and imagination.

The majority of apartments in old houses are equipped with small kids rooms, and their owners are often confused as to how to maximize the already small area. If you don’t want drastic modifications, alterations, demolition and the erection of new walls, and plan to leave the kids room the same size, we found several ways to save space and to overcome the feeling of claustrophobia.

The weak link. To understand exactly how and what to change in your kids room, consider each element individually and how they interact with each other. Is there any things (for example, a sink or Cabinet) a larger area than necessary? If so, this needs to be fixed!

The power of purity. Place your order. So you will better understand what is missing in the kids room, and what can be discarded.

The best option. Great start – replacing the pedestal sink on the Tulip or hinged. These models take up less space and visually unload the already tight space.

The right choice. Think about whether you often take a bath? If not, visually expand the walls will help demolition bath and installing a shower instead.

The science of color. One of the most common tips that you can find on the Internet – paint the walls a light color. But actually, the rich dark wall color also creates a feeling of extra space. Perfect for tight kids rooms!

Eternal storage. A look at whether those handy cabinets, shelves, which are now in your kids room. If not, think carefully about what exactly is missing: shelves for towels, baskets for toiletries, hangers?

Ideal storage space in a small kids room

– cabinets from floor to ceiling.

Bright moment. Schema change light also gives the illusion that the kids room is larger than it is. Recessed lighting for small bath is better than attachments. It enhances the effect of increased smart decorating ideas for kids room. Remove the massive hanging lamps and replace them with flat built-in, and you will feel the difference.

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