Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathroom Design IdeasDesigns of small rooms are always harder. But space saving methods and little tricks can be your savior.  You can maximize the look of small bathroom and benefit the area with the most efficiency. Small bathroom design ideas are listed here!

Sink is indispensible part of bathroom and typically a closet is placed under it. Try a corner sink to save some space. Corners are usually remain unused areas, you can change this by place a sink here.

Color choices are important part of small bathroom design. Generally neutral and soft colors are preferred for small rooms. Light colors show the space bigger than real with the fresh and bright atmosphere comes with them. You should try to use soft colors for walls, wallpapers or tiles. Also prefer light colored flooring too. This way you should both provide harmony between walls and floorings and add depth to the room. But if you want to apply something different use a different color for just one wall of your bathroom. You can make bold choices; do not hesitate to try dark colors. When you apply it just one wall, it does not cause any problems.

Mirrors are the important accessories of small bathroom design. This trick is also used for any other small rooms in your home like bedroom or living room. Mirrors create the illusion of spacious place by reflecting the view. While mirrors are indispensible furniture of bathrooms use this trick makes sense. Try to choose decorative and big mirrors above the sink. Or you can place the mirror different place in your bathroom. Choice is up to you!

Lighting is important thing that you should pay attention for small bathroom design. If your bathroom takes sunlight you are very lucky. Sunlight that comes into your bathroom brings light together to show the room spacious. You can use a main lighting and support it with little LED lights. LED lights are decoration trends of last few years and also lights that located different places of bathroom makes the room bright evenly every corner.

The only thing that shows even a small room smaller is little and many accessories. Instead of them use big accessories!

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