Scandinavian Country Interior Design

brick wallWhat do you think of bachelor Scandinavian Country Interior Design? Open space with a predominance of dark cool colors, leather sofa a “Chesterfield” and plasma against a brick wall? Or stressed ascetic interior in the same color scheme, with minimalist furniture? Perhaps so, but not today! The design of this apartment is inconsistent with established patterns: the space within is literally filled with natural light, radiates warmth and comfort. And the fact that the owner is male, we are reminded just brutal materials and finishes, clean lines, simple forms and muted palette.

The landlord a bachelor for 38 years invests in the professional in the business. This is a positive talented person with a fine sense of humor, gourmand, and esthete.

Since the majority of the time he spends in the many travels and journeys, and 2/3 of the time living in hotels, to his property he had special requirements. According to the customer, brevity and restraint is the distinctive features of this style. My main task was to create simple, modern, and easy to use and has a relaxing interior, without Intrusive accents and extra details. Important – the use of natural materials: metal, wood, concrete, glass. Architects residential complex and simply just decided the space of the apartment, so the layout does not have to make big changes.

Interior Design and decoration

The decoration uses a combination of clean surfaces, bright paint and textures of natural materials. For the flooring hallway and kitchen area of the chosen natural stone, contrasting not only color, but texture – slate and marble. The warm texture of wood connects the main space of the apartment. The hallway wall is lined with wooden panels goes into the living room, merging the space. The wall behind the bed becomes a focus in the decoration of the main bedroom. Also the wood texture is repeated on the facades of kitchen and furniture parts.

The landlord maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys all kinds of sports, so storage systems are given special attention. In addition to posting daily and seasonal clothes, it was necessary to provide for the storage of Golf clubs, snowboard, gear for scuba diving. For these purposes, with the main and guest bedrooms have walk-in closets, furniture.

Sliding doors in design wooden panels of the hallway lead in two independent space Laundry with storage of household items with a separate entrance from the kitchen area and a dressing room with entrance from the hall for Scandinavian Country Interior Design.

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