Rustic Bathroom Design

Rustic Bathroom DesignBasic and simple styles are generally related with bathroom design; but rustic bathroom design is different idea. Contemporary styles or classical ones are applied to bathrooms but natural look with rustic details are more interesting. Texture, colors and all details are harmonized in best way. It is good to create a peaceful bathroom, bath is relaxing activity and bathroom decor can increase this effect. Rustic styles include natural details and makes design more calming and fresh.

How to Design Rustic Bathroom?

First; start with the scale of your project. Do you want to make all details rustic or change some of them with rustic elements? But completely changed bathroom will be more successful because all design elements will carry the specs of same theme.

Rustic Bathroom Design Color Choice

We have mentioned natural looking is one of the keys of rustic styles. So shades of earth are perfect choices for rustic bathroom. In addition light blue hues and green is your other color options for this kind of bathroom design. Some special patterns can accompany these colors like natural patterns or country style patters.

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

Using natural stone is one of the popular ideas for rustic bathrooms. These stones are used to cover walls; some people prefer them for all walls and some of them just use for wall behind the sink. This idea resembles nature and unique idea for bathrooms. Wood furniture is also good alternative but it should look natural and unfinished to be rustic. These woods are used for bathroom vanity, bathroom cabinets or storage areas. Copper is a good and impressive material that looks good with these elements. Copper bath tubs are unique and lovely choices for rustic designed bathrooms. The shiny but old effect of copper makes it very special and stylish. Since vintage and old looking pieces are proper oxidized looking faucets are good idea to try. Also an old oxidized mirror hangs over the vanity. Further rustic bathroom design ideas in pictures!

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