Romantic Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Romantic CottageThe apartment had to redo for single men of middle age he works in Finance, he enjoys traveling, sports and music.

Initially the style was defined: how many men, the customer liked the lofts, but for me it was a great opportunity to experiment. From the Romantic Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas functional tasks it was important to place the bed and sofa in one room that was both living room and bedroom. For a long time the client lived in rented apartments, where they had to sacrifice in some area of communication, then a full bed. Here, in this apartment, he wanted both.

Small changes were necessary, as the apartment is not too spacious. I reduced the bathroom in favor of the corridor in order to build a huge wardrobe in the wall. Thus, there was plenty of space for storage. Also in the bedroom area includes a wardrobe-coupe, which serves as a partition between the hallway and the bathroom.

Imitation of bricks, tiles and concrete as well as possible to highlight the style loft. For example, a bathroom lined with dark gray “concrete” tile it’s perfect to combine with colored glass blocks.Also used plaster imitating concrete, brick and decorative tile.

On the floor, everywhere two lane wooden Board, I chose the color “bleached oak” – it is warm, but not bright. Boards laid at an angle of 45 degrees – this technique optically expands the space and makes it more interesting.

Store quite a lot of options

In the kitchen on three sides of wardrobes, there are also overhead cabinets above the main work surface. Washing machine integrated in the kitchen to save space in the bathroom.

In the hallway on the left side of the entrance to the apartment is a wardrobe along the entire height and length of the corridor. The sleeping area off the hallway separates one tricuspid wardrobe. Under the bed there is an extra room for storage.

In the hallway I used the built-in spotlights as the main light they emphasize the line of the wall of glass. For additional lighting of the corridor meets the led strip. In the bathroom there are two built-in ceiling lamp with a diameter of 30 centimeters each and, of course, the lighting over the sink. The glass blocks can be used as a night light and Vice versa, with the Romantic Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

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