Romantic Bedroom Design

Romantic Bedroom DesignBedroom is the special part of your house; romantic bedroom design is perfect theme for it. You can overcome the stress and tiredness of day in bedroom. Design has important role for it. Calm and lovely design makes you feel calm and happier. Generally, bedroom should be calm and romantic.

You can renovate bedroom completely or change the design with little touches for making it romantic. No matter which style do you choose first you need to decide color or colors that you want to use. For romantic bedroom design soft and pastel shades of pink, lilac, soft purple are ideal colors. When it comes to romance red comes to mind first. But, I must say red is bold choice. If you want to use red for walls, avoid paint all walls to red. Pick a one wall and use red just for it. All in red walls inhibited light in the room and make atmosphere darker. This is depressing. For just one wall applications, I think the wall behind the bed is ideal. Because bed is the center of room, to attract attention the wall behind the bed is logical choice. You can neutralize striking effect of red with soft colors like soft pink or beige that you can use for other walls except it.

Headboard is important design item for living rooms. For romantic bedroom design headboards with little lights or retro headboards will look cute. Bedroom textile has a big effect on design. If you use soft colors but need to add some vivid detail, you can choose bedclothes and cushions that have bold color like red.

Candles and good smells can be romantic. Place some candles, scented candles, tealight, incense, scented massage oils on your bed side table! I think that is one of the wonderful ideas for bedroom design.

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