Red Living Room Design

Red Living Room DesignRed is warm and ambitious colors and good alternative for home design; in this post we collect red living room design ideas. There are many shades of red you can use; some of them are bolder some of them are light shades. But all of them look amazing! Do you want to boost up design with this lovely color? Take a look at ideas here!

How to Use Red in Living Room Design?

If you want to warm up your design a little bit; you just need to add some red in room! Even a single red armchair is enough to create this effect. Red pillows, red curtain or rug can be alternatives! To use small amount of red is many people’s choice because using more red and prevent overwhelming look is hard to design.

Living Room Design with Red Sofa

Sofas are focus point for most of living room designs. This is good way to introduce red into your design. You can boost up color and energy of room by this way. Do not use red for all sofas; just one red sofa is enough. You can complete it with gray, black or white sofa and armchairs. Deep shades of blue look amazing with red sofas! This is a little bit classic combination but results are impressive. By this way; you can get balanced look.

Red Walls for Living Room Design

Red is attractive color for walls. It is good to use it in balanced way. One red wall is good idea for living room design. Other walls should be painted in proper colors that will look good with red. In this idea; I like using deep and dark shades of red; because these shades bring warm atmosphere into room. It will look really modern too. If you have fireplace; paint this wall into deep red! You will like it. Find out red living room design ideas below.

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