Modern Italian bedroom furniture

AntiquesTo achieve the feeling of space and freedom in a small room, use a round rug. The circle itself symbolizes eternity and brings those vibrations to the interior. He cuts and splits the room, creating the illusion of extra space. To enhance this effect, well it would just be doubled. For example, using a round coffee table or modern Italian bedroom furniture.

Quite often we see designs with a closed space under the stairs. Usually, he discharged the role of a small closet – it keeps useless things. In the end, there are additional partitions that stop the eye and create a feeling of a small, confined space. To avoid this, simply eliminate all these back room. How much space, light and space immediately appears in the interior!

Let the sunlight in and not window heavy curtains. This tip mainly applies to the loggias and balconies, but it is quite possible to be applied to the living room. Large glass Windows, white painted themselves look attractive, they are in the interior freshness and purity.

The best accent for a Sunny room

But, if you are uncomfortable with the Windows open, replace the heavy curtain and thick fabric for flowy organza or tulle weightless. The best accent for a Sunny room, loggia, will, of course, summer yellow.

Nothing makes your interior more unique than Antiques or decorative items, made with their own hands. But not everyone can afford the antique furniture and expensive paintings. In this case we have a good alternative – try to decorate the interior of the old maps of the area in which you live or from where you come from. You can hang this card in virtually any room, and her story will be a wonderful decoration of your home. Where to get these cards, you ask? Go to your nearest flea market or flea market and you will be surprised how many interesting decorations you can find for your interior.

Only alone Wallpaper can be mitigated or, conversely, to increase the impression of the interior. If you want to add the room more character and paints – choose a Wallpaper with a pattern. It can be graphic, floral, ethnic motifs. But note that the rest of the modern Italian bedroom furniture needs to be discreet and mild, as in this case, the Wallpapers are the main decorative element.

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