Lighting ideas for contemporary living room

lighting ideasUnderstated external appearance of the house is a tribute to the idyllic landscape and lighting ideas for contemporary living room. Architects from the Bureau Toth Project Architect Office did not want to build amid the high grasses and weeping willows high building of traditional form. Instead they put (or rather, laid) on the shores of lake wooden box with a nearly flat roof of iron sheet.

The facade would dissolve in the landscape: it is decorated in rough planks of larch. Under the influence of winds and rains, they quickly acquire a noble mother of pearl-gray tone and rustic charm.

When wood veneer is replaced by tempered glass, we see the interior it’s as simple as the outside. But it seems to be very luxurious and elegant.

Living room ideas

Around the house everything is nature. The section planned accurately and beautifully, to match the building. From the main entrance a stone-paved path descends to the terrace-pier. Opposite of intended in the yard is a barbecue area she decorated elegantly and succinctly, and the internal space of the house.

Blind area around the building is covered with gravel it resembles a water’s edge, focuses on the situation of the beach. Along the half of the sliding glass wall and gravel filling in the basement of the building and filled with water from growing the canes, the same as on shore.

Terrace-dining room with closed blinds on the absence of hosts or during inclement weather. The same blinds if necessary, close the glass wall in the living room.

Inside the house everything is thought out for the convenience of tourists coming for the weekend hosts. No frills is not observed even the bedroom, at first glance, no. Actually, the sofa easily converts into sleeping space, high cabinets have enough space to store all necessary things in the country. Behind them hides a bathroom equipped with a shower.

Smooth walls and facades of the cabinets finished with laminated chipboard panels. Flooring made of granite under concrete. Transparent chairs, glossy black bar, three hanging in a row and sleek decor in the form of a graphic poster and the head of the Buddha symbols simultaneously and the luxury and asceticism.

Dining room-terrace fully furnished in larch wood with antiseptic impregnation is the same as the facade of the lighting ideas for contemporary living room. In the building there is also a utility room, it is intended. It stores the necessary country “equipment” a barbecue and garden furniture.

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