How to create a cozy atmosphere

How to create a cozy atmosphereClosed cabinets or shelves without doors? Bright textiles or dark, deep tones? Sleek pendants or chandelier?
To small the accommodation was stylish and comfortable, it is important to learn to control a variety of design techniques and use the right decor. Specially for readers architect Natalia shares professional experience, how to create a cozy atmosphere in a typical apartment.

Natalia is a regular contributor, Director of interior design Studio “Cosy Flat”, which employs more than 30 designers. Each new project for Natalia – is a little life that she lives together with customers, and of course, an invaluable experience for her as a professional.

1. Textiles
In small apartments with

cramped bathrooms

it is better to try to refrain from screaming and too thick colors in textiles and finishes to large size curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads. Your strict selection must pass a quiet, compact, and unobtrusive shades, such as white, beige, grey, dark wine, brown, graphite. In a small bedroom, for example, it is better to use lighter shades and if there is not enough bright spots, select one or two accent colors and buy in the range of pillows or a small rug.

2. Lighting
If the room is small, and poorly lit, it is not necessary to prevent the penetration of natural light, hanging at the Windows with heavy curtains or blinds. Double can light using a mirror: it will reflect light and make the space visually larger. Also choose small but lovely with cold lamps or light yellow, soft light. It can be laconic pendants, sconces or floor lamps.

3. Furniture
The furniture in should be comfortable and ergonomic, and if it does not look bulky and heavy, a small room will seem cozier and more spacious. So, closed cabinets well protect things from dust, but in a small apartment it is logical fewer of those things.
Open shelves and racks without doors will visually occupy less space and will eat up less light, but will also motivate you to keep order. Bet on today’s mobile, modular sofa and furniture with storage space – the room will be much more functional.

4. Decor
The decor in the form of a flat compact photo collages or paintings – surprisingly one of the most effective ways to add to your interior individuality, without sacrificing space. Avoid having lots of figurines on the shelves and racks, keeping in mind simplicity and minimalism. Small objects to hide out of sight, tucked in baskets or how to create a cozy atmosphere. This simple rule will help to make the interior is surprisingly light and unencumbered volume.

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