How to arrange furniture in living room

How to arrange furniture in living roomWhat is the distance to the TV screen is considered a safe where to place the closet in the hallway, what is a work triangle – ‘ve gathered the most useful information about the ergonomics of the living space and learn about here for how to arrange furniture in living room.

Proper placement of the furniture in the apartment is like choosing clothes: here it is necessary to shorten, to make wider, and here everything is perfect. To all the family members are comfortable with, keep in mind the rules of ergonomics: do not hang coat hooks too high, leave an adequate passageway between the wall and the bed and sofa choose not only with regard to design and dimensions. Tell how to arrange the different rooms, share the secrets of professionals and the competent organization of space that really work.

Living room in any home

is a place to relax after a busy day. To all the family members are comfortable with, in planning, consider the rules of ergonomics of the living space. We have described how to determine the optimal dimensions of the sofa, to calculate the safe distance to the TV and what width to provide for passages between the furniture.

Tips and a detailed scheme is useful to those who need a home office — a real office or a small work Desk. In the first place should be your health and comfort — even in a small apartment scroll to work and study bright quiet corner. Comfortable chair, proper Desk height, shelves and equipment in the area of access — that’s the minimum we need to rapidly solve cases. And if you sit tired, come to the aid of vertical working space.

The main secret of a good mood at training camp to work and returning home – the hallway, where all the items are on their places. Here we leave shoes raised his hand and put the hat on the shelf, remove the coat and stretch ourselves in the pleasure – elbows not rested, and hang the hooks at a comfortable height. At what height to place the clothes rack, where to place the wardrobe, which way should open the door – our advice will help transform the corridor into a comfortable and functional space.

The model apartments on every inch of the house, so when planning the design of the bedroom is important to consider how comfortable you will be using the furniture every day. For example, whether to move boxes and open doors, enough space for passage between the bed and the wall, whether it is convenient to make the bed. Teach them how to maximize the useful area and learn how to arrange furniture in living room, not forgetting the comfort of vacationers.

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