How to add a mid-century modern style to your home

decoration ideasThis interior is a good gift for the mother of the customer who moved from another city to the suburbs and how to add a mid-century modern style to your home? Wishes were simple: get a bright and most spacious apartment for a steady life outside the city; the interior, which would be comfortable as the next host and guests frequently visiting grandchildren.

Also announced was the need for two bathrooms – needed master bathroom with entrance from bedroom and guest bathroom.

Originally the apartment had a free plan – it was possible to place partitions as needed. In the kitchen very high ceilings – this is the sixth floor, the last. Space in this part of the apartment turned out to be double-height. And in this regard, the logical solution was a combination kitchen-dining and living room – high Windows always make a public ceremonial area.

The volume turned out, filled with the light – to share it with the hallway, I decided to make sliding walls from floor to ceiling. According to my sketches were made of slatted doors stained ash slats – they are very air separating the hallway from the living room.

Artistic decoration ideas

Following the customer’s request to combine the elegant simplicity and luxury, I decided to choose the most eco-friendly materials, but it is pretty complex artistic decoration.

The floorings in the kitchen area living room, dining room, flooring light shade, covering in the bedroom is made in dark colors. The walls of the room we used the author’s decorative plaster, textile and linen finish veneered wood panels. The bedrooms also used decorative plaster one wall in the master bedroom, decorated with Wallpaper by velvet.

The bathrooms are lined with granite marble. In the master bath we placed the podium from the deck Board teak wood, the wall behind the bathroom was decorated with relief mosaic.

In the kitchen area-living room-dining room, all storage is concentrated in the kitchen set. Other cabinets are not provided – we didn’t want to clutter the space, intended primarily for communication.

But in the master bedroom has a large walk-in closet and the closets in the guest room. In the hallway we equipped cloakroom for coats. Small cabinets in bathrooms allow to accommodate all necessary but still the main difference of this apartment is that the landlady lives alone, and for how to add a mid-century modern style to your home?

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