House cleaning has never been so fast!

House cleaning has never been so fast!Polished shoes – the card of any male, especially at the Christmas party. When after the party and house cleaning has never been so fast!  To achieve the desired effect will help ordinary black and white newspaper: wipe the shoes after applying the cream, and your shoes will sparkle.

The pilling on your sweater – it’s not a reason to remove it in the far back of the cupboard. The more that you can get rid of them is easier than you think. Clean it hard side of the sponge for washing dishes and forget about spools forever.

Grease stains from the door handles and plastic surfaces can be easily rubbed away by ordinary eraser. Them from contaminated sites and it works. House cleaning has never been so fast! Polish the silverware to a Shine not so easy. But I have a solution: put in a silver box with a piece of chalk wrapped in cheesecloth. It will protect Cutlery against tarnishing and stains.

Microwave oven is a versatile instrument. You can use it to refresh my sponge and plastic cutting boards by getting rid of odor and germs. Just a minute to warm them at high temperature. And to make the sponge for washing

dishes dry and clean as long as possible

, pinch it after use with paper clips. You can be sure it will last you a month.

Do not rush to condemn to death the burned pot. To clear the dishes from the scale, wash it with vinegar-soaked sponge with the addition of baking soda. Scale will not remain and a trace. Can’t wash plastic cutting boards? Soak them in the sink in an hour they will be as good as new. And for cleaning wooden planks, use salt and lemon juice.

And the mesh, which sold onions and oranges, are ideal for efficient cleaning of the pan. Wet the mesh with water and the surface of the frying pan: the scale will instantly disappear – like magic.

Every time you change the trash bag turns into inevitable washing floors? Next time put it on the bottom of the bag old Newspapers: they will absorb liquid from food and release you from unexpected service.

Warm water with a few drops of liquid soap in a running blender is an efficient and very economical cleaner for this kitchen appliance. Just remember to wash it with clean water after cleaning.

Not always wash glassware remove plaque with cups of tea and coffee. With this easy to handle ordinary baking soda. Apply a small amount of baking soda on a soft side of a sponge and wash the dishes.

Baking soda is useful not only in the kitchen. Pour a small amount of baking soda in a small package or a jar with holes in it – very natural and economical air freshener ready.

Save on dry cleaning and clean the interior of your car manually house cleaning has never been so fast! Make a soap solution with the addition of soda and vinegar and a stiff brush will eliminate all the drawbacks.

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