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Home decorationHome decoration the home interior design or home decorating design language in the world population is one of the leading and most important design requirements. Because people spend a significant portion of their lives in these habitats. People, rather than the building’s architecture is mainly interact with the environment and the interior of the house.In this article I wish to interior design houses of the summer season particularly important when discussing the criteria with the newly married couple some advice on the occasion of marriages increased.A house need to pay attention to many factors while. Interact with building the environment, climate, location and so many issues to be addressed are important factors. You have all these important factors and bought a house. The important issue now; ie it comes to the issue of home interior design. You will spend on the most important issues in your life; so we will focus on home interior design …The sheer number of objects in the home, density, footprint (volume), walls, objects and light in color, is effective communication between individuals on many factors such as the type of materials used in the house. All have profound psychological projection on spatial perception.

While home design psychology

Subliminal perception begins to spread over time to reflect on one’s state of spatial psychology and behavior. Based on this home you through your design (your decoration) some important advice you need your attention.Eye third parties may result in a call. It can be fully shut down your loneliness with your spouse. But dim will be closed for a portion of the spatial perception of lighting you use modules you will cover your home a feeling of space. This gap reveals that more light in your eyes will make you spend your time with your partner more productive and enjoyable. Spouses, will come to more prominence to each other Home decoration.

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