French Style Living Room Ideas

French Style Living Room IdeasFrench style living room is sophisticated and stylish! When it comes to sophisticated styles; French styles come to mind. French style is pure beautiful and classy! If you want to have elegant details in living room; try this one! There are different ways to adapt this style to your living room. You just need to apply main characters of design to be successful.

Furniture Choice For French Style Living Rooms

Classic and elegant furniture is choosing for French style living room. Generally shades of one color or closer shades are used together in this design. You should not exaggerate colors. Best idea is to choose one dominant color and then design your living room based on this color. Enrich this color scheme with one or two near shades of dominant colors. Upholstery is important factor to find suitable sofa for this kind of design. You can use flower patterns for sofa upholstery. Beige, white, light shades of pink and light shades of blue are your best color options!

How to Prepare French Style Living Room?

After choosing furniture it is time to place them in room. For French design, you need to place furniture properly. Symmetrical look is used mainly for this design. Antique furniture looks best in this kind of design! I love using these classy pieces in living room. An antique armchair or coffee table will be the star of living room. Golden details emphasize French style well. Use these details with antique furniture or with others. Golden mirrors and golden affected chandeliers are best way to use this class detail.

Lighting is Important

Lighting and beautiful chandeliers are important detail of French style design! Typically lighting is used in the center of room. Big and ostentatious chandeliers are indispensible part of these classy living rooms. French style living room and best examples are in gallery.

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