French Kitchen Design

French Kitchen DesignFrench kitchen design is one of the most famous designs all over the world. French kitchens are stylish and impressive; with this nice looking many people admire this style and want to try it for their kitchen. If you want to renovate kitchen design consider it among your options especially excellent choice for wide kitchens.

General Characteristics of French Kitchen Design

Extravagant furniture and decorations, gold leaf details, handmade classical furniture; in short glory comes to mind when we talk about French kitchens. Chandeliers, classical carved chairs and tables that made wooden are the primary elements of this design. But with years this decoration is changed to and adapted to modern styles but it still protects classical characteristics.

Color Choice for French Kitchen Design

We have mentioned the classical line of French kitchens. Situation is similar for color choice too. Generally shades of brown are preferred. Cream, ivory, soft color tones such as light golden are other ideal colors for this design. You can combine this color together to have balanced look in your kitchen. But some people like to use color and prefer more energetic look. If you are one of them you need extra colors for this design, do not worry you have options. Cobalt blue, dark green or burgundy are different color choices for add some extra color and energy.

How to Design French Kitchen?

Kitchens are generally big for French kitchen design. Because kitchen island countertop is indispensible part of this design and it requires space. This countertop can be small or big and include sink.

Classical style furniture is used for this type of kitchen design. I can’t imagine classical design without wooden material. Wood also gives warm atmosphere to room and makes it more peaceful. If you want; combine the wooden furniture with wooden floorings or laminate flooring can be alternative.  Other impressive thing about French kitchen is number of cabinets and shelving systems. These large storage areas make the usage of kitchen functional. We have compiled best French kitchen design below.

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