English Cottage Decorating Ideas

English CottageThe cottage owners seemed gloomy and uncomfortable. Furniture made of solid dark wood filled the space, and bright splashes of color created disharmony in the palette of the English Cottage Decorating Ideas. The house became a stranger and the faceless and the owners decided to transform it beyond recognition. They wanted to fill the cottage with warmth and comfort, reflecting his own tastes in design and decor.

In the living room to read different styles and so the space looked inharmonious. Milky walls was diluted with colorful inserts lilac and turquoise colors that surround the background of the red carpet and bulky dark furniture inevitably led to a narrowing of the optical space. The situation was not rescued even mirror living literally “choked” without light and air.

That is why in the updated living room

In addition, neutral color scheme allows you to experiment with decor and finish pastel tones mute the bright colors and therefore floral upholstery elegant sofa, the distinctive ornament of the rug and numerous paintings of different shapes and sizes to create a harmonious and complete interior.

In another part of living room accent is made on chess black and white contrasts, whose rivalry unfolds against the backdrop of deep coffee shades. Beige color is always a good choice for creating stylish interior. It can hardly be called discerning, and so you can feel free to experiment with styles, mixing them in the same space. For example, in this living room has elements of classical, vintage, country and even the loft. As a result, they form a trend really cozy interior, largely at the expense of the coffee palette.

Pale lemon walls gave the kitchen a resemblance to the hospital, and the furniture from different sets made the interior unfinished. To release the space of the English Cottage Decorating Ideas, the owners divided it into two zones, arranging them in different styles, working and dining.

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