Decorating Needs Are Different For Children In Different Age Groups

Decorating Needs Are Different For Children In Different Age GroupsThe uniqueness of the Scandinavian approach is expressed in a single phrase: “everything for people”. The opening of IKEA stores a while decorating needs are different for children in different age groups. Many people immediately wanted to remodel the outdated interiors, and at the same time be in a good temper. Looking at the finished interiors, and I want to say, “How simple!”.

Cultural currents and trends of the twentieth century

, such as modernism, minimalism and constructivism formed the Scandinavian approach to furniture design and the design of the space. The corner-stone was the delivered functionality. It was the rod, which was subsequently strung the whole style.

The first thing that strikes in the Scandinavian style is the feeling of the interior, crafted as if from scratch. The dominant white color is doing its job: the result is incredibly fresh and filled with light. Walls, ceiling, doors and Windows pleasant dazzle of its whiteness, making every day lived in the interior, is perceived as a new beginning.
Perfect white cube often dilute the color of natural wood in the flooring, stairs and ceiling beams, whereby the Scandinavian style is considered to be home and close to nature. In finishing walls, as a rule, does not apply the terrain – only a smooth surface, that is, a rule of a certain contingent of the canvas, which must be, by definition, perfectly neutral.

Scandinavian style is designed for combining different zones in the same space. For example, the Cabinet in the bedroom or in the living room looks very appropriate and very organic. Scandinavian style itself does not suggest alterations, if they are not held in advance by the designers, usually assume that there.

Although a Scandinavian style is designed for any space, special, reverent attitude in the layout of this style is felt to small rooms, in which often lives of people of moderate means. Compact and self-sufficient, Scandinavian interior fits in a small kitchen, creative manifests itself in the standard model makes living room and the narrow hallway more spacious. In a seeming plainness of planning decorating needs are different for children in different age groups

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