CREATE YOUR IMAGINE OFFICECreate your image in the office, yes you can do it. If you say I do not know how to do it. You are in the right place to find it… Most of the editing office furniture, lights and where the neutral colors, reflecting a culture where hierarchy. Such offices are impossible to inspire and be inspired by people expect. Office should not be stifling. A good office has been designed, creativity and productivity must be a way to increas and freshness.

Google Workspaces as to encourage fun and creativity is a good example.

If you stroll in any office interior office scooters for trips, creative lamps, massage chairs, inflatable chairs, browsing the pet dog you may encounter in the office area. Can share all of thes facilities are interconnecting rooms for Google employees. You can use your laptop anywhere, billiard, table tennis, you can buy your entertainment beside the pinball-like game devices. In fact, there is even one of the slides in the office.

So is everyone able to work in this office?

To prepare this type of office is not easy Although it looks like. We tried a few minor design. We saw that our visitors with a pleasant combination of unusual, comfortable and spacious reception area, sound proof, they admire the work area.peopl to should be able to interview drank them the coffee sitting in the easy chair or, as the case may be able to exceed the auditorium. In order to be Adapted to the flexibility, the ability to work with away from the desk phone is an importante concept meeting rooms or public areas in Developing creativity to make multiple phone calls and is importante in order to Increase productivity.consequently, to inspire the work area, it is importante according to other conditions. Instead of boring colors of the walls, is painted with bright colors, paintings and photographs that will bring the number of variegatio in the workspace. And again, it will create a calming effect for most of us to follow the flow of water in small me, the workspace needs four basic requirements of our minds likelihood, flexibility and calmness. So what should include a perfect office for you? We welcome your suggestions… Create your imagine office.

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