Country Style Decorating

Country Style DecoratingCountry style decorating is really popular these years. Even it is popular; this style can be associated with past. Many old style and furniture are parts of this home design.

How to Use Country Style in Home?

Country style decorating can be applied all rooms! For living room; you can get this style by floral and striped fabrics, antique furniture made by wooden material and fireplace! It is also easy to carry this style for bedroom. Wallpapers with flower patterns; wooden furniture, antique bed, flower patterned bed linens are proper to create this lovely style. A few wooden furniture and accessories make design more impressive. The dining room design carries same characteristics by using retro chairs, tables. For bathrooms and kitchen predominantly wooden furniture, woodwork details for cabinets and use natural color shades.

Different Ways to Use Country Style Decorating

Country style is really close to classical style, but if you do not like classic styles; makes it closer to modern styles with some changes. To achieve that combine this style with modern furniture.  Choose carpets, curtains, accessories in modern style.

Furniture Choice for Country Style Decorating

We have mentioned the importance of vintage furniture for country style decorating. But this furniture should not be too fancy; choose cool and simple ones. Unpolished massive furniture, accessories made of clay or ceramic are cool details that you can add country design. This style aims comfortable and functional living spaces. So; consider functionality of furniture when you will buy.

Accessories are as important as this style like the other styles. But; which accessories should you choose? Fresh flowers, lanterns, candles, wooden watches, wooden objects, lace drapes, flower patterned bed covers or linens are good accessories to offer the soul of country style. You can see different details below like wicker baskets, copper pots. If you have one of them, place them into country style decorating

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