Cool design hacks in the new year

Cool design hacks in the new yearWe decided to recall the best ideas for easy organization of your life for cool design hacks in the new year: teach them how to save money on interior decoration, to increase the functionality of the kitchen and properly store all sorts of stuff.

On the eve of the New year, we have collected the best design khaki on all occasions. No matter what you’re doing, updating the interior or a house party, our shortlisted ideas will be useful to you in both cases. With their help you can easily put things in the closet and in the workplace, eliminate imperfections in the interior, and still find use for the things that I have long wanted to throw away.

Breathe in an old wardrobe new life: remove the doors of cabinets and the back wall of the paste over the remnants of

bright wallpapers

. Thanks to this simple reception wardrobe will not appear bulky and will be a source of warmth and comfort.

Make rings and bracelets more not lost, will construct a rack for decorations out of everyday items. For this fit the old frames, boxes and small coasters.

Make tangled under the feet of the wire part of your interior, turning it into a original decoration piece. To do this, simply wrap the wire with tape or a thick rope. Most importantly, the color of the wrapper combined with the colors of your interior.

Like striking the wire, the battery can easily ruin the look and style of the interior, which is especially noticeable, for example, in the Khrushchev. Cover the battery with the screen – and the problem is solved. And it can be painted to match the walls: then the battery will not be an obstacle, but a beautiful extension of the interior.

Remaining after repair of pallets pitch original shelf or rack for accessories. This will not only save money, but will make your interior more unique.

Illuminated garland is an absolute must-have Christmas decorations. Make it original with the help of twine. In a duet with garland it is easy to decorate the walls, floor and even the ceiling of the interior is right on the chandelier.
From bushings from toilet paper will turn out a bright cool design hacks in the new year. Just wrap it corrugated or colored paper and tie the ends of the flappers with rope or tape. And sleeves can be used for convenient storage of wires and cables.

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