Casual contemporary living room design

decorate glass kitchenDesigners managed to fit in a box standard small size apartment bedroom, casual contemporary living room design, living room and kitchen dining room, thought multilayered and multifunctional storage system, and the interior offered as a basic grey, which looks quite boring here.

As you know, in apartments stone houses series all walls are load bearing – so the hostess and the author of the interior had to do without redevelopment. Sacrifice a single partition, the designer has stripped flat dark corridor, but added a bright hallway, a small closet with doors-blinds and a Cabinet on the balcony, and decorated the walls with bricks and paintings.

Prefabricated houses of this type is the most common in Moscow. In the apartments, which are located in, some walls are load bearing. In the case of a two-bedroom apartment is a bearing wall between the bathroom and kitchen. So, combine the kitchen with living room will not work. Designers don offered 4 possible way out for different scenarios.

Detailed guidance about what is noise, and how to get rid of on your own living space. To make the sound insulation in the model apartment for the full program, would have trouble. But even if you just change Windows or to make an acoustic ceiling, home will be noticeably quieter.

To chase after fashion in interior design is terribly inconvenient – it’s still changing, though not very quickly. While interiors “like everyone else” have some time to live. Remember how we lost individuality, filling the house crazy colors or lush valances – in order not to repeat such mistakes.

Useful tips for cleaning Windows

Works procedure, detergents, old recipes of grandmother advanced and modern gadgets that you can use for fast and high quality results. Let clean Windows will let in your house all the colors of spring!

Wallpaper remnants a quick way to transform ordinary things: they are used to decorate glass kitchen countertops and aprons, glued trays and racks, accent walls highlight, casual contemporary living room design and accentuate the head. What will tell you the fantasy?

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