Casual contemporary furniture

design the interiorUnlike traditional loft, this apartment proportionate to the person casual contemporary furniture area is just 36 square metres. However small the area did not become an obstacle for designers who decided to design the interior in fashionable today style: tearing down unnecessary partition walls, the guys have completely changed the layout.

Now spaces flow smoothly into one another; the space is filled with light and visually seem larger than it actually is; in the best traditions of the loft finished and the filling of the interior. Read more about the project we were told its authors – the designers, Gregory and Julia Shoulders.

Our clients were a young couple, freelancers. She (age 25) is a wedding photographer; he (27 years old) engaged in the promotion in social networks. The guys are outgoing, travel a lot, take pictures, love healthy lifestyle and I love Board games with friends. In the near future I plan to get married.

The couple wanted the interior to meet modern requirements and tendencies. Our main task is to place two offline workstations, because freelancing involves a large proportion of their working time at home, as well as to create a zone of coworking (conference table) to discuss major operational matters with partners and clients.

layout of the apartment

All is transformed and seeks to transform the original layout of the apartment did not respond to the task, so a redesign was necessary. Since load-bearing walls in the apartment are not available, we were able to migrate and expand the doorway between the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen now combines its functions with a dining room that strives to merge with the living room. The latter in turn is also a bedroom and an area with jobs.

The choice of materials dictated the style of the apartment. As for the flooring, the preference was given to natural materials – highlighted the solid oak: a uniform flooring for all the rooms looks not only harmoniously, but also visually increases the size of the apartment.

The walls in the lobby, we decorated the Wallpaper: they are a bit “soften” the rough finishes – brick and decorative plaster. For ceiling finish used suspension system “casual contemporary furniture” cheap designer experiment. With this solution, we got translucent surface, visually expand the room and give it space and air. When you turn on the lamp, its rays reflecting in the faces of the aluminum strips, create in the interior a bizarre glare.

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