Black and White Living Room Design

Black and White Living Room DesignBlack and white living room design is popular every year and first choice of many people. But what is the reason of this combination loved so much?

Why Black and White Designs Are So Popular?

Black and white classical color combination but I think it is really elegant. This elegant look is the reason of its popularity. And I can say this combination has lower risk than other color combination.  These colors offer you limitless options. Seats, curtains, furniture, accessories with black and white are everywhere, every store. The amounts of choices make it more remarkable. Also black and white design’s fashion never pass, it is always applicable. These colors are both classical and modern, offers everything that you are looking for.

How to Design Black and White Living Room?

It is always good to start designing by choosing the wall color. White color is good option for this theme. The color white will show the room wide and bright. But black can be a choice for who like dark colors for design. You can use black in wallpaper or just paint one wall to black. Too much black will show the room smaller than normal.

Then you will choose seats; consider them according to wall color. If you add some black touches on wall; seats should be white to get balance. Balance is important for black and white combinations. Consider colors that you use and try to get balance with the second step that you applied. Modern black and white seats are contemporary and cool. For fresh decoration, I suggest to take a look these seats. If you bored of using only just two colors dark grey seats can be second choice!

Which Accessories Are Proper to Black and White Living Room?

Accessories mean many things for living room design and all kind of designs. I can’t imagine design without using accessories. Black and white decorative objects are ideal but how about introduce 3rd color to design? It is clever idea! You can add red, yellow, purple to design with accessories or cushions. Cushions are easiest way for it. You can also break the cool image of black and white living room design and soften it by using plants.

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