Black and White Kitchen Design

Black and White Kitchen DesignBlack is the favorite color of many people, and black and white kitchen design is quite impressive due to elegant atmosphere of the color. Some people hesitate to use black in decoration because using dark color is harder than other colors. Black is the dark color so it is very important to obtain balance while you are decorating. All black design will show the room darker and smaller. There are some possible ways and colors that you use black together.

How to Use Black and White in Kitchen Design?

White and black is the best combination ever! Use white for walls and prefer black for furniture and kitchen cabinets. This idea is contemporary and sophisticated! You can also prefer white flooring or use light wooden floorings instead of it.

Other alternative is paint walls to black color. I know it is unusual but the results are magnificent.  But, do not paint all of the walls to black avoid darkness. Just pick a wall and paint it black. Enrich the look with using black shelves and decorate shelves with cooking books or frames.

Different Ideas for Black and White in Kitchen Design

To use black for floorings is another good choose. You can decorate your home with white furniture and get the black and white balance. In this case the walls of your kitchen will add brightness and avoid the dark effect of black.

Black and white tiles are best choice for retro homes! These floorings look so cute and retro. Combine these floorings with retro looking cute fridge! You will love this idea.

Lighting for Black and White in Kitchen Design

Use adequate lighting for kitchen design. Add a lighting for counter and for a dining part of kitchen. Little led lights are good way to decorate kitchen cabinets. Many modern black and white kitchen design use different kind of Led lightings.

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