Best life hacking in 2015

Best life hacking, which you found out in 2015Life is too short to spend your free time on the endless cleaning. Proposed to be updated in the main memory hacks, to in the New year’s eve to engage in pleasant home.

The preparation for the New year cannot be called complete without a best life hacking in 2015. To facilitate your task and to simplify cleaning the house, we decided to remember the best household life hacks for 2015. In this post you will find budget ideas replace expensive detergents, and even learn how to extend the life of their favorite things and can easily get rid of stubborn stains. All – in Express mode.

Small plastic box is an indispensable assistant during General cleaning. It will save you from having to walk from room to room for leaving detergents. Put them in a box and carry it together with you. To simplify and speed up home cleaning, clean up of kitchen in the cupboard where you

keep cleaning products

. Hang hooks for rubber gloves, carefully fold the cloth and brush – now it will be much easier to find everything you need.

Wash the bathroom before you go to work, impossible. But you can use the time usefully: in the morning fill a toilet cleaning liquid, in the evening stroll along the walls with a brush. Just a few minutes – and about exhausting the cleaning on the weekend can be forgotten.

In the struggle with oily stains, use folk remedies – such as alcohol or soap solution. You can rest assured they will handle no worse than the expensive cleaner. Just dampen the sponge and boldly go on the offensive. Rubbed her favorite leather chair? Wait on shopping, because the Shoe Polish is ideal against scratches and scuffs. Just remember to let it dry.

Walnut will help you to hide imperfections on wooden furniture. Just RUB them on the problematic place, and the flesh of the nut will conceal the scratches and imperfections – as if by magic. And clean the iron by using salt. To do this, cover the Ironing Board with paper on it and sprinkle some salt. Then turn the heat iron to maximum value, making sure the iron has no water, and “Steam” off, also best life hacking in 2015. Having heated the iron for salts, you can easily clean it from dirt.

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