Arrange Your Work Table According To Feng Shui

Arrange Your Work Table According To Feng ShuiThe red color in the decor stands apart: it can be used not only to arrange your work table according to Feng Shui warm and freshen up the interior, but even to zone space. Bright objects hold the attention and fix the gaze on the important details.
Shade of Feng Shui is not as expressive as pure red. But it is felt the nature and noble taste – as in the homonymous wine from Italy.

Team Feng Shui found in online stores

7 things color, which definitely will make your interior unique and luxury without extra costs.
East-West: classic lampshade in the shape of a truncated cone rising above the Zen pyramid of rounded stones. Rich wine hues and the contrast of Matt and Shine make this “fusion of traditions” catchy and memorable.

Soft, textured, as if shimmering in different shades of dark red and cherry – luxury color plaid regular reports to the dignity of Royal robes. Such a thing can make even the bland interior of a meaningful and self-sufficient.

Sliding lines, mirrored reflections; nose neat, graceful handle; bright, but calm the color with external data the pot-carafes will decorate your table. In addition, he is well able to keep drinks hot (or cold) double walls and lid, which closes automatically keep the desired temperature for a long time.

Classic trendy purple color plus sequins – who said that wine shades are only suitable for the interiors of the Palace? They can perfectly fit into youth, urban and a bit rowdy atmosphere, making it noble features. A sofa or bed with this pillow will become a real center of attention (maybe not just for you!).

What is fashion without Feng Shui velvet curtains? Shimmering soft texture of the fabric from one hundred percent cotton color gives a stunning depth. Today it is not necessary to pick up the velvet curtains to the chandeliers, marble and outlets. They will easily add to the sensuality of minimalism and warmth – unassuming Nordic interiors. Thick fabric effectively blocks light and absorbs sound.

Color Feng Shui in aged, covered option: a vintage candle holder with delicate decorations and elegant “roof” similar to a magic lantern. Fits seamlessly into interiors in the style of Provence and shabby chic – and can be a striking accent in the walls of the loft.

Poof – buy for those who love comfort, communication and elegant environment. Actually, the Ottomans are versatile: they are needed in the hall, in the loggia, on the Villa verandah, bedroom, living room and nursery. And even in the bathroom. And poof the color arrange your work table according to Feng Shui is the most practical choice: current as of today, the tint will become tomorrow’s chic timeless.

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