3 Ways to Decorate Small Places

3 Ways to Decorate Small PlacesAlmost everyone has a small room in their home; today we will take a look 3 ways to decorate small places. It is easy to decorate big places you do not worry about sizes of furniture; but situation is not same for small rooms. With right decision your room looks bigger like you always want. You need to learn these tricks and apply it.

Use Modular and Small Furniture for Small Rooms

This type of furniture offers maximum storage place and comfort together. You can benefit small spaces in most efficient way thanks to this furniture. Bookshelf and shelving systems are example of it. Add more shelves if you need more place to storage. So; as you see they are really useful.

Mirrors and Glass Details

When it comes to small rooms; mirrors are always used to maximize space! Mirrors are proper because they have reflective properties and create the effect of depth. You can hang a big mirror on wall or use multiple mirrors together. Multiple mirrors will increase the effect. That is also a good accessory for living room and bedroom too. There are many decorative mirrors in stores. In same logic silver details can be used; because they are reflective too. These details also make the room brighter and spacious.

Monochromatic Color Scheme for Small Room Design

Monochromatic color scheme works well with small rooms. Color shade is not important; it is important to use just one color or very closer shades of one color together. Since just one color is used it seems continue; other color does not interrupt and destroy the completeness. That creates look of bigger spaces. This scheme looks peaceful and simple because there is no contrast here. Monochromatic scheme becomes one of the most important solutions for small places. This idea is applied by many famous designers too. You can see the examples of 3 ways to decorate small places in gallery.



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